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Isn't it a lose-lose situation either way?

Say there's a guy, let's name him Matt and he meets a girl named Emily. Matt is a pretty popular guy, along with being really attractive. He's not really looking for a relationship, probably just a one night stand .. But maybe more if it was the right girl. But Emily wants a relationship. So Matt starts texting her every few days, and they hang out. Emily starts to like Matt, but Matt is really just thinking about the bulge in his pants.

You see, I was thinking if Emily hooks up with him, he peaces. So everyone is all like "No, don't give it up!" so she doesn't, and he peaces anyways! The question is, what's the best thing to do to get a relationship out of a guy like this? Also, notice how the question isn't "Is he worth it?" so don't give any crap about "Why would you want a guy like that anyways?" The question is how do you get a guy like that, not why do you want a guy like that.
Isn't it a lose-lose situation either way?
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