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What's up with this guy?

I've been texting this guy I like since Sunday he's been telling me that he wants a relationship with me.

He told me that I'm pretty and have a good heart , But that he doesn't like is that I seem to be the type of girl that won't have time for him. Probably because, its been a month 1/2 and he's been asking me to hangout out and I always ay I can't because my mother doesn't let me. Also I told my mom about him but she wants to meet him first but I didn't want to , But he wants me to tell my mother that I'm his girlfriend. I don't wanna tell her that though because what if we never end up going out at all . Then the next night he came by my window and we talked ( I can't climb out the window cause it has nails by the way ) , He wanted me to walk outside for a while but I couldn't , the door would make noise. And then he called me and told me he's leaving. 5 min later he " you get me pissed off " and that I'm dumb and I make him mad..?..and then he started saying all this stuff about me acting dumb , wtf was wrong with me , & that I was dumb enough not to tell my mom. It makes me think likes he's kinda crazy. But he keeps calling me dumb and says " next time I see you I want to see you for a while and want you to be next to me" is this signs of someone possessive?. And then I told him id see him after school the next day for sure but I had forgotten my phone at home and I answered his text once I got home he didn't message back.. and I asked if he was mad and he says " I don't know .. what are you doing " and I texted him and he didn't messages back . We still haven't talked. .What should I do? I'm confused.
What's up with this guy?
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