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Does he think me as a friend?

Naturally I became a library-buddy with a guy, our major is different. How it started, well we began to sit in the same area in the library then say "hi" to each other. Now we sit always next to each other.

He makes small talks like "how is going with study?" "I´m coming again tomorrow see you" "how many hours do you usually sleep?" "my brother is an actor...Etc"

We know pretty much about each other after spending over 6 hours next to each other.

But I would not say we are friends. We are not even friends in Face book but we are always next to each other. He never asked me out, ask my phone number or flirt me.

We do not take a break together, he has his friends and I have mine.

He is extremely polite and kind to me.

He takes my coffee paper cup (to throw it out) when he go to take a break with his friends, always smile at me, gives me gum, if I yawn he looks at me and makes "oh are you sleepy?" face...

Once I was really focusing on studying and he glanced at me and our eyes met, then he gave me a smile like "you are cute"

Today, I coughed while I was drinking coffee and it went all over his book and stuffs,

when he came back I already clean it but I left tone of coffee spots on his book and papers

but he smiled at me and told me "do not worry, It is fine!"

Sometimes he tells me things like "I´m so stressed these days, my studying is going not very well...I sleep very few hours..." I think he wants me to comfort him because I do not ask this questions, he just tells me when he packs his stuffs.

Are you friends? It is pretty weird that we always sit together...He has friends and there are bunch of desks in our huge library, but he keeps sit here even if he come inside with his friends.

I know his name,age,where he works, how he studies and of course his behaviors...

are we friends?
Does he think me as a friend?
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