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Why does he do this to me?

There is this one guy who I stared liking in October. We've always been friends as had a flirty friendship but we'd always cuddle and stuff and recently we hooked up twice but he doesn't want a girlfriend because his girlfriendof a year and him broke up over the summer and he's still getting over her. Anyways his friend told me he likes me so I guess we kinda had a thing? But the thing I don't get is that he flirts with all my fiends and is always calling them hot or whatever or texting lne of my best friends openly. He's 2 years older than me and e met my friends through me. Yet if my friends are around hell be wicked flirty with them andignore me than come and be cuddly and touchy feely with me. I feel like he's just trying to make me jealous and it works but it also just pisses me off and makes me feel insecure. I feel weird saying anything to him because what would I say? but what do I do?
Why does he do this to me?
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