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I don't get it... what am I missing?

So I REALLY like this guy, and I thought he liked me too.. so did his and my friends, but turns out he doesn't like me back! He likes this other girl.. but what I don't understand is... Me and this guy are MAD flirts! We are ALWAYS together, and we laugh ALL the time.. basically there is never a dull moment. He grabs me by the waist, grabs my butt, holds my hand, kisses my booboos (haha I don't know what else to call them), kisses my hand, playfully bits me, hugs me.. if I trip, I swear he catches me.. I don't know how he does it, but almost feel and he grabbed my waist and steadied me! He stares at me if I'm around other guys, and well one group of guys weren't so good, and I came back after talking to them and the guy I like was like I don't like them, they're weird! and he just kinda looked protective... he is really protective of me in a way... he reads me poems, talks to me on the computer and phone for HOURS, and stuff like that.. WE are basically an unofficial couple! HOWEVER he supposedly likes this other girl, but they never talk, never are around each other, when he gets a chance to talk to her, he doesn't, He doesn't even acknowledge her, doesn't talk about her.. NOTHING... I mean he doesn't like me, but were perfect, and he likes a girl he doesn't even know or talk to! IFFY! what do you think?
I don't get it... what am I missing?
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