Boys, is this slutty?

I'm kinda touchy feely with both girls and boys.

But with boys that I'm interested in, I do this a lot.

I tend to touch, slash wrap my arm around his waist/side briefly.

Or if he's just standing, I'll stand behind him and slight lean on his shoulder/back and touch his arm briefly.

Or I'll hold out my hand facing up asking for a high five?/clap and very subtly hold his hand and pull away.

Sometimes if I get overcome by his adorableness then I smile and touch his face and kinda slide my hand down his neck to his collarbone and walk away.

I just can't help but to touch things that I like! But it just occurred to me today that it may come off slutty... but I don't do it everyone.

Oh, and quick question.

Boys, when you guys touch a girls face, (i.e pinch their cheek, rub your cheek on theirs, to ask about a red mark, or just for no reason randomly but gently just touch it,) is it done with no intention whatsoever? or is there an underlying interest, or fond feelings?
Boys, is this slutty?
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