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I really want to know where she and I stand but I don't know what to do.

Okay this girl and I text and talk on the phone for hours almost everyday. I asked her what she was looking for and she said she wanted to take it slow and not rush into saying we are talking or dating because guys tend to always be in a rush and she doesn't like that, I agreed and said that was fine. Then she hears about me speaking to another girl (as in the casual hello how are you etc.) and asks if I and the other girl talk, "The way we talk" as if we talk in some special way (which we do at least in my opinion telling each other really deep stuff that has happened to us in our lives that we only tell a select few people) Then she even says she doesn't want to always talk everyday and can she have a chance to miss me, I thought this was odd to purposefully not talk just to give ourselves time to miss each other, so I decide not to hit her up for a day but she hits me up that night anyways. Then the most recent thing that happens that is really irking me is that I was driving around with a guy friend of mine while on the phone with her and ask if I could come see her for awhile, she says fine. I get to her house and she comes to sit in the passenger seat while my friend sits in the back. We talk for about thirty minutes and pretty much the whole time she is facing forward not even turned towards me at all and on top of that she is on Facebook on her phone. When she decides to leave she leans over to give me a car hug, I hate car hugs so I suggest getting out of the car for a proper hug. She is a lot shorter than I am and when I go to hug her she gives me the side hug, I'm thinking wow this sucks because I was planning on giving her a really big hug but whatever I guess. I get home and text her later that night to see what was wrong, first I ask if my friend being there bothered her and she said no, then I asked if anything else was wrong and she responded as if she didn't even notice anything out of the ordinary. This was on Thanksgiving and I haven't spoken to her since. Am I thinking about it to much or what I really want to know where she and I stand but I don't know what to do.
I really want to know where she and I stand but I don't know what to do.
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