Girls being the one to start convos via text?

Alright, this may sound a little ridiculous but I very rarely start conversations with guys over texting. Then today, the guy I've had a thing with for 10 years, told me that he has a problem with it and wants me to put more effort into being the one that gets a convo going because I always wait until he texts me to talk to him.

So, I was wondering, do more of you guys out there feel this way? Would you like girls to take more initiative?

And to explain why most girls hold off texting the guy first, it's simple -- we fear coming off as needy/rejection.

My second question is, and this may sound even more ridiculous, but HOW should a girl even go about starting the convo? I know there's always "Hey, what's up?...How's it going?...How was your day?" etc., but those all still sound needy to me. Maybe it's just because I'm not comfortable with starting the convo in general haha...I don't know...

Any input is appreciated =)
Girls being the one to start convos via text?
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