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I told him he's a good man, he said no I'm not?

What's up with that? Would you like it if your woman told you she believes your a good man. You have to understand that my man is old school, he grew up in an environment that did not promote communication at all, men were men and didn't talk about feelings or emotions this was the attitude he got from both his parents.

I told him your a good man, you're hard working, you take pride in your job, and you should because you're good at what you do. You've got a good heart. Your a strong man, you're loyal to your friends and family, there isn't much you would do for them if they needed you. And I see another side of you that not many people get a chance to see. A softer, sweeter side of you. I think that qualifies me to be able to tell you that I believe you are a good man.

So even if you didn't respond to a comment like this, what would you be thinking.
I told him he's a good man, he said no I'm not?
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