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Am I making somthing into nothing? Why is he acting like this?

Okay I went to high school with this guy,and we where always really close. I could trust him and we had long deep conversations He was super popular(he won prom king.) He flirted with me in school but I never thought much of it because he flirted with everybody. In a sophomore in college now, and we still keep in touch to this day. He calls me every now and then just to see how I'm doing.And whenever we are drunk we always text each other just being silly for some reason. Sometimes they get pretty flirty.And he gets a little mad when I don't answer his texts/calls. Whenever he comes back home he always tries to hang out, but things just never work out.This past Thanksgiving break when we came back from school. He really wanted to see me, he didn't care when. So on Thanksgiving day he invited me to his friends house(It was a get together with family and friends.) I went with some friends, but the whole time I was there he basically ignored me. Except for a few grins across the room and he texted me allot.Maybe he was just being shy, but I don't know how we have been friends for 5yrs. I even heard him talking to some friends about his crazy girlfriend and how he wanted to dump her. I was pissed when I left. He called me the next day to apologize saying he was drunk and stressed out he needed to relax and next time we hang out it'll be different,we'll have fun. I know that we are good friends and I'm happy with staying that. But I can't help but wonder does he like me? could it be more to it? or should I just leave it alone? I'm so confused.
Am I making somthing into nothing? Why is he acting like this?
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