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Ladies, mixed signals?

I shortened this question. Simply put a coworker kissed 6 weeks ago, I later asked her out: she said she would think about, at one time yes, but that she had talked herself out of it. Between the kiss and me asking her out 2 people told her relationships in the office would give her a reputation. Below are the details, what do you think?

Since I asked her out and she said no (I'll think about it):

- when she sees me she waves even when I don't see her, but always looks down after

- we chat and I can sometimes make her blush

- She will occasionally go out of her way to give me a disinterested "hi"

- she gave me her hand to look at her paper cut (from the day before and I could not see it)

- if I get flirty in instant message she stops

- I asked her lunch group for a recommendation and she gave me one very fast and then looked down.

- I asked a casual friend of hers what the deal was where she ignores me one day and engages me the next. I told her that it is ridiculous. Her friend said she was confused. Evidently they spoke as she pretty much engages me everyday now.

- She is a happy girl, but around me she always seems confused

Our last interaction the day after I asked the other girl out.

- she teased me in a fun way

- if I saw her face she looked away bored then as she walked by she would play with her hair

- if she was with her friends she would turn her back to me and flip her hair, while her friends would look at me

- at lunch she came late and sat outside our group however, I noticed that if I said something to anyone she would look over and listen

- If I asked her a question she would talk fast, hyper, and short

- she later sat next to me when people left. She did this when there was a seat across from me next to the guy I thought she was seeing.

- she did talk to that guy for 30 seconds but both looked at me the whole time.

- she did glance at him 2 times as he was across from us from the waist up.

- she accidentally touched my leg when she was waving her hands, then put them in her lap and stared at where she touched me.

- her friend asked me who I was going on vacation with me this past week (I never talk to this girl, but the coworker knows that I took my ex away last Thanksgiving )
Ladies, mixed signals?
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