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He kissed me.....and he has a girlfriend...

there's this guy I started talking to back in July. and I was still hung up over my ex, so I stopped talking to him. and he was everything I could pretty much ask for. and I threw that away. we're talking again. and we've hung out a lot and he's all touchy feely he treats me like I'm his girlfriend...yet...he already has a girlfriend..he's my best friend's cousin, and my friend says that we'll be dating by January but I don't really know about that. but...last night...i was talking to him and telling him how much of a mistake I made by not continuing to talk to him during the summer. and he said "is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" and I said "i don't know"...then he kisses me...it wasn't just a normal kiss..it was very passionate...when he texted me later that night..we texted til about 4 in the morning...i don't know what to do..my head is telling me so many things...i guess my question is...how does he feel about me...and what should I do?
He kissed me.....and he has a girlfriend...
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