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Ex is now friends with HIS ex on Facebook but I still love him :(

OK , so I was with this guy that I really love...when I created a Facebook, he already had one and in it, he had his ex from a very long time ago as a friend. At that time, he was trying to get back with me and of course I still loved him, but I made him delete his ex (he said that they don't talk anymore and besides, she has a boyfriend already but he still deleted her). So we got back together but unfortunately we broke up again, (this time it was my fault, and NO I didn't not cheat, it's something kinda dumb in my opinion) but anyway we've sent texts and a couple of messages after we broke up about 2 weeks ago, and we both still love each other, I really really really really want him back, I feel like I'm in love with him, just yesterday he sent me a picture through Facebook, of me and at the top it said "I love you" with a heart, and at the bottom it said "I love you (my name)" AND he sent me a message saying that he loves me and wants to see me again. So TODAY, I noticed that he added his ex AGAIN, so I told him that either we stopped talking or he deletes her and he said that she has a boyfriend and he has NO interest in getting back with her and he said he will not delete her because it will be "messed up on his part"

I honestly still love him and from what he tells me, he loves me too, but I cannot be with him if he's still friends with his ex, it kills me. I really want to be with HIM. Any advice?
Ex is now friends with HIS ex on Facebook but I still love him :(
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