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Touching girls' backs?

Do guys only touch/rub backs of girls they like? Or can it be a friendly gesture?

A guy I recently met 2 months ago at work was at this Christmas party. He was stealing glances at me the whole night. Later in the night, he kept me in his direct line of sight (while chatting to people close to me). When I was smiling at something my friend said, I saw him looking at me and then he smiled really big.

However, earlier in the night, I saw him talking and smiling to this other girl a couple of times and his hand was on her back and he kind of rubbed it. I didn't see them talking again after that.

Later in the night, I finally went up to him and we chatted and then he asked me to dance and it was all good. He was being very nice and respectful and kept staring at my face and smiling. He did touch me briefly on the back when we were talking.

I guess I just feel a bit jealous about that other girl even though I can tell he likes me...
Touching girls' backs?
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