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Does he like me? Did he like me? Could he still like me? Please help!

There is a guy that is super cute and nice. We started talking in gym class and then we started talking in English class too. After a couple of days, he decided to move where he was sitting and sit by me. But the day before he moved seats, it was Day of the Dead, and the Spanish classes got to make big tissues paper flowers. When I got to class that day he was holding the flower he had made, and after I sat down, he stuck the flower in my hair. When another guy in my English class asked where I got it, the guy that gave it to me and spoke up and said, "I gave it to her!". After that I decided to keep it in my hair all day.

After he moved to sit by me, things started to change. He started to talk to another girl behind me a lot. I got pretty jealous so I asked that girls best friend if they liked each other and she said, "No, but I think he likes you." That definitely brought my hopes up again and they were brought up more when I found out the girl he had been talking to right behind me had a boyfriend. One day when he wasn't there you talked to the girl behind me and she asked me if I liked him and I said, "I don't know, but he is super nice and a good friend." and she replied, "Ya, I know, but it's hard to become friends with someone when you have a boyfriend. You don't want to get too close. Or it will get weird"

Now, we still talk a lot and he is friends with most of my friends but we haven't hung out. He also friend requested me on Facebook(which I accepted). But something feels different from the day he put the flower in my hair.

(sorry it is so long)
Does he like me? Did he like me? Could he still like me? Please help!
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