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BF or FB--Does he like me?

There is a guy that I casually dated for a month or two back in college 5 1/2 years ago when I was 18 that I lost touch with. He contacted me on Facebook a couple of months ago to see how I was doing, and we started talking again. He lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) and I live near Seattle, WA (a 15 hour drive). He calls me often and we also Skype a lot...our conversations last for 1-5 hours at a time. I am almost always the person who initiates hanging up the phone, while he is the person who initiates the phone calls.

He did confess that when we dated in college, he was also seeing another woman at the same time. It didn't phase me because I always took him as the player type and we never had made it exclusive. Besides--what do I care about something that happened over 5 years ago? Should I care?

He doesn't have the best memory and sometimes forgets information that I have already told him or stories that he has already told me, but I chalk that up to men having subpar memories when compared to their female counterparts. He is coming to visit me in Seattle next month from December 19-23 before he visits his parents residing in Dubai, and he told me that he is bringing me earrings from Tiffany's and a Dolce & Gabbana purse. He makes jokes (at least I think he is joking) about his mom having a slew of expensive jewelry that she is saving for his wife someday, and that perhaps she will give her jewelry to me.

He also says that out of all the women he has been with, I have stuck out in his memory the most. I am not sure about whether or not he is actually interested in me romantically, or if he just calls me because he is bored and simply has enough money to shower me with gifts and fly to see me from Calgary. I'm unsure whether I am a booty call or not, as sometimes he talks about what sort of intimate activities we will partake in when he arrives.

At the same time, he does ask me questions about my life and seems to take an interest in my interests. For example, since he learned I enjoy watching UFC, he brings that topic up often; he also takes an interest by asking me a lot about my career as a nurse. He mentioned a couple of times that he wants to pay my way through medical school, and that he wants to take me traveling to South India (where his parents are from) and Amsterdam, etc.

So, from your perspective, does this man like me as a potential serious girlfriend (be it long distance), or does he tell me what he thinks I want to hear and just want to hook up for a week while he is in town?
BF or FB--Does he like me?
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