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What should I do?!? How do I keep the peace?

okay... so this guy I'm into has been sending completely mixed signals... basically, I have seen this pattern emerge, we got kinda close.. he pulled away... we got a bit closer (we cuddled and held hands) he pulled away again.. we got even closer (cuddling often and holding hands, hanging out more, sharing about ourselves and our past) and now he has really pulled away..

basically we were hanging out with our mutual friends (who are a couple that we both have known for a couple months). I was joking around with him (cuz we always just joke around) and I mentioned in a joking way that we haven't had sex.. then he made a very rude comment.. and right after that my sister arrived.. well he became extremely distant.. and I found out later that he was offended by the fact that I announced in front of anna and jamie that we hadn't had sex and that should never be talked about in public... he also said that by saying that, its like I am playing a mind game? I have no idea what he means.. how would that be a mind game?

anyway, after that he said that he was going to give me a "chance" to date him, but that I made him very uncomfortable and offended him, so, he only considers me as a friend now.. and if I keep making him uncomfortable that he would end the friendship totally... to me.. this is ridiculous.. Because we talk a lot.. chill a lot and have very good chemistry... so if I accidentally offend you enough times.. we can't chill?! whaaa?! lol

anyway, I was very hurt and shocked that he could do a 180 like this.. he had a couple of things of mine, that I needed for school, so I went to his place after work today to pick them up. I was obviously being short and very distant.. so he asked me why I was acting like that..

I said that I was pissed and that he was a douche bag... but almost immediately I apologized for the douche bag part.. I don't think calling people names is ever justified, regardless of how hurt you feel.. Anyway, I started telling him that he was messing with my head.. and he kept denying this.. I just kept pointing out facts though.. and he would attempt to defend himself.. but I held my own pretty well.. Or maybe I was just talking too much.. but sometimes there was just silence... anyway.. he just looked totally dumbstruck and shocked.. and he said he didn't do a 180.. if he had done that, then we wouldn't even be friends... But he went from cuddling me and holding my hand to ignoring me and just wanting to be friends... that seems pretty 180 to me..

anyway, I'm not sure where I should take it from here... I'm angry with him for treating me like he has.. but I feel awful for getting so upset.. I wasn't screaming or anything.. just obviously very hurt.. and he didn't even know what to say I don't think... should I attempt to apologize? or should I just ignore him? or wait to hear from him? what if he never contacts me again :(

HELP! Thanks :)
What should I do?!? How do I keep the peace?
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