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Abrupt/Bizarre Break-up

D and I dated for 7 months. All seemed great. He talked about how much we had in common, what great/intellectual conversation we had, how much he respected me, how caring and nurturing and sweet I was, etc. The sex was...well, pretty unbelievably hot. We couldn't get enough of each other. He brings up having our kids meet and appears to be completely into me for the long-term. On Friday he tells me how happy being with me makes him and how much he enjoys having me there in the mornings to get ready with on the nights I sleep over. On Saturday he sent me an email that says "Keep your chin up; I'll see you on Wednesday!". I talk to him Monday and he says he might have to work late Wednesday and will call me Tuesday about whether it will work out or not. Tuesday he calls and says, "Yeah, I can definitely get together tomorrow night. Why don't we go out instead of staying in?" Wednesday he shows up, doesn't even take his coat off, tells me he doesn't have the right feelings for me to move things to the next level, and breaks up with me the day before Thanksgiving. I am stunned and grief-stricken.

The only two possibilities I see are: A.) He was faking a lot (He's a former politician's son, afterall). or B.) I told him I loved him (It has been 7 months) a week and a half before and despite my assurance that I expected nothing in return, it totally freaked him out. When I said this was very abrupt, his response was: "With how good things are between us, how could it ever be anything but abrupt?" Huh?

Please give me insights.

Abrupt/Bizarre Break-up
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