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Why would this girl tease me like this?

This girl I have been talking and joking with for months. Most of the time when I would approach her, she would tell me to "go away" and to "stop talking for one second" or "see how nice it is when we don't talk?". At first I thought she was joking because she had this full teeth smile going all the time but because she never clarified it and was very persistent telling me those things, I always thought she hated me or something. Recently I was in a bad mood and she gave me one of those phrases and I got mad and just stopped talking to her. Now she told me that she has always been teasing me and this is the way she is playful with me and it should have been obvious. Now that she clarified this, what exactly does it mean? Why would she pretend to be annoyed when she really wasnt? This teasing went on for months and is still going because she keeps it up even after she admitted it. I don't mind it, we have a lot of fun talking and teasing each other but since she would act all nice and never tell other people to stop talking, I wonder why she just does it to me?
Why would this girl tease me like this?
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