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Did I push him away? Will he come back?

me and my guy friend were hooking up over winter break, but then I went back to college which is 4 hours away from home, and he goes to college at home. and now he's dating his ex girlfriend. can you interpret this text convo?

i said: "listen I just can't hook up with you anymore when I know there's someone at home. do your thing, but I'm not gonna be the other girl. I'm cool with being friends but I can't do the other sh*t."

he said: "what happens bw me and you is bw me and you..idk what you do at school, I don't ask..im just saying let that be bw you and whoever and let things be bw me and whoever. and what we have lets have it."

i said: "okay but my feelings are involved. you're doing whatever at home then I come home and we f***. I'm not just going to be some girl you f*** when I come home and I'm convenient"

he said: "ohh because you being away has no effect on me? its not about you being convenient, its about the fact that were in different places and you want more than what we can have right now."

i said: "ok so clearly I want more, and you dont. we both want different things which is fine. you can do whatever you want, but I'm not putting myself in that position because I will get hurt."

he said:"its not about me not wanting it! its about the fact that it can not happen right now! you go to school 4 hours away and your blaming this sh*t on me."

then I was explaining how I wasn't blaming anything on him I just can't hookup with him when I come home and know nothing is coming out of it right now. and he explained how that wasn't fair because I'm blaming him for wanting to hookup with me, and he told me if I wanted something more for so long, I should have said something. and he said that I obviously didn't think about the way he felt or what he was thinking about the situation. and that he cared about how I felt because he would text me as much as possible while I was away at school.

now, I graduated from school & I'm home for good. he still has a girlfriend, and we fight all the time because he texts me basically everyday and wants to hang out but I've been hesitant because he has a girlfriend. finally, I hung out with him and we slept together. I felt like sh*t the next day and told him it couldn't happen anymore. he got pissed, and said "what do you want me to say..you said it can't continue, so fine it can't continue." I had a weak moment because I didn't wanna lose him and told him "nvm I still wanna hookup" he started ignoring me. I texted him, called him, and Facebook messaged him a million times, it was so out of control but I was SO upset. I just wanted to talk, and he didn't understand what there was to talk about. now he's blocked my number, blocked me from Facebook. I acted out of control, but he has put me on an emotional rollercoaster. everything is always my fault, and we haven't spoken now for almost 3 weeks.

im afraid that he's blocked me because I was out of control and I pushed him away. will he come back?
Did I push him away? Will he come back?
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