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Asking out a girl you barely know

There is a girl that I use to work with at my old job. I like her but we have barely talked to each other and every now and then I will ask how work has been over Facebook. I would like to ask her out on a date or to just get to know each other better. I have absolutely no idea what she thinks of me or even if she is really aware of my existence. I was thinking about asking her to hang out via text or email but I think that may be viewed as lame/possibly creepy. I also think that a random call would be more creepy/weird for the both of us. I can probably write more clearly then I would be able to ask face to face mainly because of nerves and what not. The only times I think we could hang out or see each other would be Friday night and the weekend. The rest of the week we both have college at two different schools. So really I am wondering if I should even ask her or not and if so how should I do it?
Asking out a girl you barely know
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