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Should I forgive this guy for using the cube game on me?

I like astrology&can often guess a person's sun sign by talking with them. I'm new to online dating& met a strange guy. First off, he's an ex-Muslim now turned... well, he's just a lot more spiritual/open now rather than just one labeled religion. That in itself is weird since I have a lot of Muslim friends who would never consider giving up their religion, much less go on a dating site.

He still retains some of his traditional values, he's a virgin at 22 and doesn't believe in sex before marriage. Most middle eastern people don't. He's fairly tall at 6'2, athletic (plays basketball 4 times a week/works out) and he has an outgoing personality with a distinct academic drive to perform (he's triple majoring and graduates this spring). Now I'm already liking this already, especially his triple major. I can respect anyone for that and he's not graduating behind schedule either (22-18=4 years).

The problem I have with him? His grammar. It tells me a lot when someone uses text language a lot and I can't stand it. He's gotten better at it though. However, since I like games, he asked me if I wanted to play and I'm like sure, why not? What's it about? And guess what? He's using this manipulative game that pick up artists use to seduce girls. The funny thing about it? I'm not sure whether to be amused, flattered or insulted.

Basically, the idea is to get inside the girl's head and act as if you understand more than you really do through a few answers she gives. This helps save time for both you and the girl (victim) as you will somewhat understand her more through this cube technique. It's a douche thing to do, but it's also smart and saves time. I mean, really how many dates have you gone through where conversation really didn't reveal anything about the other person?

But I just don't like the manipulation of acting like he does understand me. I'm at a loss really.

Back to the astrology thing, then I learn he's a Scorpio and I laugh. Of course a Scorpio, controlling and manipulative Scorpio, would use this sort of technique to get into a girl's pants. Not only that, he's very specific about where to meet and when he can meet, not even asking if I am available at that time. It seems a bit rude to me. I don't know whether to actually meet this guy or not . But it's strange to me that he's on an online dating site since it's mostly people who can't meet/date people who go there. He's fairly attractive, tall, moderate income with no sense of social awkwardness. It doesn't seem like we have anything in common, he doesn't believe in sex before marriage, used that stupid cube test...so what does he really want? His signals are hot and cold sometimes (much like a Scorpio's) but I can't tell if he likes me. He says I'm easy to ignore... then says he's playing with me and calls me silly. I'm a Cap & rather serious... no one ever calls me silly. Then calls me cute and says I must miss him a lot?
Should I forgive this guy for using the cube game on me?
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