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Why do I keep having feelings for her?

Ok well let me give you a background check before I ask for help me and my ex girlfriend (Jen) broke up 3 years ago at are last dance of 8th grade year I'm the one that broke up with her because dumb old me listen to my friend OK well here I go...So me and my ex talk like once in a great while at least two times a month and every time we talk we have like those little moment that we feel the same way but anyways I normally get the short end of the stick because she always leaves me hang bcause we try to go out but then she ends up not calling to confirm it so we don't go and every time I say to my self why do I even put up with her but then I end up going back to her like she doesn't show any type of sign she likes me anymore but I still say to my self that we are going to get back together and it never happens so out of all of those I hope it helps you give me advice on what I should do cause I have no idea what to do please help me
Why do I keep having feelings for her?
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