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How do I make a move with this guy without making things awkward?

(btw- I'm 18) So there is this guy I'm really into, and we have been best friends for over 4 years now, and we are always properly honest with each other but I have fallen for him head over heels over the past year. We never stop texting all day until really late at night and if not texting, we're talking on Facebook but I don't want people at school to find out that I like him.

A few days ago he told me that I really mean a lot to him and he doesn want to hurt me by being a prick (he has been used by girls a lot of times before and made a few mistakes that made it look like his fault) and recently he has started acting more flirtacious both at school and out of school.

He told me that he likes me and whatever happens will happen,so I decided to invite him round to my house to watch a film, but the day before I cancleed because I don't trust myself to keep my hands to myself, so I told him the reason why and he said the exact same that he didn't trust himself to just watch the film. I was GUTTED!

So I have re-arranged the day to watch the film and I want to know how I can make a move or show him that I want to be more than friends? We're really open with each other, but this is something I'm not used to as I Haven't felt like this about someone for about 2 years and I have completely forgotten what to do, where to touch, how to kiss and everything! Any ideas would be great so I can make him tick and show that I am willing to give him everything.
How do I make a move with this guy without making things awkward?
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