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What to do with this girl/situation?

she tells me this :

Look , I am in love with you and you are awesome, but I think it might ruin the thing we have , that's why I sometimes focus on other guys.

so she thinks that if we would be really together we would be soon each others ex and never speak again or what ? I can't follow her thinking anymore , because her talking to me about other guys or her focusing on other guys just makes me want to forget her forever...
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update : :D

I told her that she needs to think about what she wants.. I want to know where we are together and where want to go.

she texts me that I should stop whining about it and that I'm too much of a control freak :o ( I'm not really a control freak)

so I just said her : looks like we can have really good meainingfull conversations , just to let you know you are now losing me at 60 miles/h . goodbye.

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What to do with this girl/situation?
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