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How to get girls to think I'm interested in them?

I've been told I'm an attractive well-dressed man. I'm also not very "manly" when it comes to how I interact with women. Like I see my fraternity brothers who are more direct and blunt and they're dressed like sh*t and hit on girls blatantly like stupid cavemen and these girls at our parties seem to like that.

But I'm well-dressed, know how to talk to a woman and make them laugh and feel comfortable and I see girls go from being interested to suddenly not thinking I'm straight and hooking up with a frat bro who is more direct and (in my opinion) not charming or anything at all really just directly flirting.

It's happened at two parties where girls come up to a frat brother and asked them if I was gay. I mean I suppose I should take it as a compliment since usually gay guys are seen as attractive, well-dressed, and charming/great conversationalists. It's just stupid how I'm so good at making a woman laugh and entertaining her that since I don't just say "damn girl you're hot wats your name" that the girl doesn't get the hint that I'm straight and interested.

What should I change and how do I come off as more straight, because obviously I'm coming off as gay

How to get girls to think I'm interested in them?
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