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Why did she say this aloud right in front of her?

I was at my favorite restaurant tonight, getting their famous triple chocolate meltdown. The people at the bar were giving the bartenders a hard time (in a joking manner of course) and..I decided to be the guy who stuck up for them. However, one of the bartenders there, is cute and reminds me of my ex best girl "friend" from high school. When the other bartender walked by, I said something to the one I like and she says "uh oh, I think Dave has a crush on you".

I sat there...stunned, as if I had just seen a ghost. I turned bright red and didn't say anything. I just ate my meltdown and sort of..brushed it off.

So, why did she do this? and..do you think the bartender that I have a crush on, noticed me turn bright red and fall silent (do you think she even heard the other girl say it)

P.S. Earlier in the night, she was called a beautiful worker by a 5 year old boy. So I brought it up in the conversation I was having with her..I think she thinks I told her she was beautiful as well.
Why did she say this aloud right in front of her?
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