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Stupid and embarrassing but I need a guy's opinion?

Situation with me, a guy, and another girl. I like the guy, have for awhile and she knows this. She, of course, being one of THOSE girls, immediately has begun to throw herself at him. He always teases me, in fact pretty much every time I speak it's a tease or turned into an innuendo. SHE tries to make everything into an innuendo w him and flirts heavily. He chuckles and plays along but always seems to always look at me for my reaction (WHY?).

I'm shy though, she's not. He is shy too but not when it comes to teasing me.

So this is what happened:

OK so I was on my laptop while sitting with this guy and a girl was standing in front of him talking. day. She was talking about how she wanted this special kind of cake because it was the best. He told her he would buy her one (glances at me - wtf?) I was on my laptop and happened to hear and asked what type, they told me. All I said was "oh" and went back to typing. Soon after that he was watching me, gazing at my eyes and making funny faces at me. I tried to ignore him and he continued while she was desperately trying to flirt with him. It hurt to hear.

So the other day when she wasn't around, he was showing me pictures in his phone and came across a recent pic of a cake. I asked why the pic and he went off telling me the type of cake (same one as the girl mentioned before) and that it was the best ever. It was a pic of a piece of the cake and then the empty plate. He went off about how it was the best in the world. I just grit my teeth as I recalled their conversation that was right in front of me.

So I know this is silly - but, is he infatuated with her? Does he like her? After all, she was going off about how wonderful it is and the next thing you know, he buys it and then takes pics of his purchasing and eating of it (wtf?) I find it weird that he doesn't remember me being there and listening w them right next to me but he always teases me because I remember everything! Was he trying to make me jealous by talking about it? This is so stupid but I can't stop thinking about it.

Stupid and embarrassing but I need a guy's opinion?
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