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I don't know where we stand?

In the middle of September, my friends started hanging out with this one guy we always saw around campus. It was all really random how it happened but the first time that I met him we all ended up going out to dinner that night. Well, as soon as we got back he added me on Facebook and wrote on my wall telling me that he hoped I had a good time. I was the only one he did this too but no one really thought anything of it.

Well a few weeks later, we ended up talking and everything and he told me that he had feelings for me. I secretly felt the same way so I was really glad that he took the initiative. Just the two of us started hanging out all the time and most nights one of us would always end up sleeping over in the others room. Everything was going really good until the weekend of Halloween when everything just changed. He started hanging out with this group of guys and wouldn't really talk to me and he stopped hanging out with all of my friends too. He told me that he just wasn't ready for a relationship right now because he was too stressed out with school and stuff going on in his family. I understood that but it still didn't make sense to me.

A couple weeks after that I messed things up even more when I accused him of talking to someone else. I admitted I was wrong and I apologized over and over but for a good 2 weeks he wouldn't even acknowledge me. Well this past week we got back to school after a week off and he has acted like nothing was wrong. I'm really glad that he let it go but it sucks at the same time because it just made my feelings of missing him even more.

All I have been thinking about here lately is how much I miss him. It's hard to explain but I really thought that things were going to work out and I feel like the only reason they didn't was because of how fast we moved.

I'm pretty sure that in a few days when I am home for break I am going to text him and tell him that I miss talking to him. I'm going to tell him to make myself feel better and so he knows. I regret not doing and saying things to him and it is all making it worse.

Is it a good a idea to tell him that I miss him? The worst that can happen is that he doesn't feel the same...

I don't know where we stand?
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