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So I have a crush on this boy....

So basically there are these twin brothers in my school. I've always been close to one of them who like a brother to me, but recently the other twin has started to hang out with me more aswell. The 2nd twin has a more confident exterior but once you get to know him is definitely the more socially awkward one of the 2. basically recently I have been starting to have a bit of a crush on the 2nd (more awkward twin) and I'm not sure if there is anything there. We have definitely become closer than we used to, and I always have these intense eye contact moments which are nothing like I've ever felt before, but I feel that even though there are tiny hints he may have a thing for me, like hanging out around me more, and obviously making an effort to be more outgoing, I feel like he would never make a move or at least a bolder hint. The only times he is extremely close is at parties where he is a bit intoxicated and I don't know if that is then just the alc bringing out his inner boy, or his hidden feelings. any suggestions to what is going on, or what I should do?
So I have a crush on this boy....
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