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This website?

I am really starting to hate this website. You need to be at various Xper levels to ask certain questions (Xper 3+ for sexual) and to even post external links (Xper 4+). You aren't allowed to live chat with anyone unless you are Xper 3+ or above. So what if you're someone like my cousin who comes online here to ask a legitimate question about a sexual situation that has created as scare for her and that she is completely uncomfortable with. She can't ask that question because she hasn't generated enough Xper points? Oh and what about the the Xper villains? Who basically just come on here to troll and get free stuff. This website has completely defeated its purpose of being a meaningful site for advice. Admins who kill accounts over nothing, moderators who have no lives and know everything. F this. Oh and what about the "We found similar questions" option when asking a question. If I wanted to ask a similar question, I would have responded to one of those, BUT I DON'T.
This website?
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