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OK my freshman year I liked this guy a lot and he liked me back. But we both were to shy to do stuff like kiss and stuff.The next year my 10th grade and his 11th grade year we kinda stopped talking because he thought I liked his friend but I didn't.I still only liked him.So he wrote a mean letter to me because he was mad about it.So we stopped talking and So I had to stop liking him. Now this year is my jr. year And his senior year.He apologized to me and wrote said this big apology letter.Which one part said "he was acting like a child so for that I mistakenly hurt you"so we made up started talking again. Then I said maybe we can be friends or something?Then he said "well can I get to know you better first this time?"I said yeah sure of course.So we started over and getting to know each other better all over again. why do I have this feeling like I just want to kiss him?At first I just wanted to be friends but I don't know why I feel like this?lately he's been extra touchy.Like I will go and poke him in his side then he will do it to me to the extreme.Like one day I tried slitting out of his bus seat but he moved behind me and grabbed me by my hips sat me on his lap and rubbed my back.2 days ago my friend and I wanted to squish him for revenge.I sat on him and pushed him back into the bus seat and she pushed him into the window.But then he got his hands out from behind me and wrapped them around my waste and never let go it lasted for 4 minutes.I tried getting out but he kept holding on.Idk why?I found out after I got off the bus she let him read my 4 letters/poems well my feelings text I sent her the night before.But yeah he read all four of them. but he doesn't know that I know that he read them.But now he's been ignoring me well distant? Why he was staring at me,Do you think he is thinking about the poems?on 15th we have a concert so I am pulling him aside and tell him how I feel and clear things up.Also I was thinking about kissing him after.should I?
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