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How do I ask her out?

this one girl's in two classes of mine in a row. were both juniors in hs. we just met this year and we never even heard of each other before this year so our past doesn't hurt us. now my friends in my 4th hr know I like her and make it awkward for me and mess with us two. we walk with each other two our next class. and in another class a few girls/guys have seen us walking and say we make a cute couple. I told them I liked her. they said I should just tell her I like her. but I'm not sure what is even supposed to happen after that. I feel that would put her in a bad position. I guess what I'm saying is I'm not sure if she likes me back. when would a good time to tell her? if not what should I do, I feel like I'm so close to being in a relationship with her but can't finish it.
How do I ask her out?
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