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I need boys' advice! Can you help me?

I have been friends with Matt since middle school. He had always had a crush on me, which I was annoyed by and didn't return the feelings. That didn't conflict with our friendship though, we have never really been very close, but we've been good friends forever. About a year ago, Matt started dating an older girl named Sam, and their relationship got very serious. After she left for college and he still had one more year in high school, they tried to make the relationship work, which they did for a few months. About 2 months ago, Matt texted me and asked to hang, only like 4 days after they broke up, making it clear that 'he was done with that girl' We went to the movies (he paid ;) ) and we made out a little in the theater. The walk to the car after the movie was cold and windy so he had his arm around me. When we got into the car he said "Cass can I ask you a question, have you ever had sex?" I told him that I had and he asked me if I wanted too, making it clear he wasn't looking for anything serious. I told him it was too soon after him and Sam broke up, and it was only the first time we went out, so he'd have to wait a little while. Like 2 weeks later we were making out in the back of his car and we were going to have sex but he couldn't get hard... (I'm not sure if it was because he wasn't attracted to me, or because he's only been with Sam before, or because he wasn't over her)Then literally 2 seconds later, a cop pulled into the park we were at, told us to get dressed, questioned us, then told us to go inside. Its probably been 3 weeks since then, and Matt has asked me to hang every weekend, and I said yes, but the plans never go through. He also posted angry tweets saying "biggest slut I've ever met" "Piece of f***ing sh*t go to hell" "f***ing whorebag" "I f***ing hate you" " Are you f***ing kidding me?!?! you're the definition of a f***ing slut" and "Even with the double standard that's so repulsive. #havesomeselfrespect" about Sam. (He really is nice this was very out of character so I was surprised). In the hallways at school he doesn't say hi to me or anything and that seems so petty.. ha ha I'm getting mixed feelings central and I don't know what to do! Here are my questions:

1) Was he just looking to hook up with me because he thought I was easy? Reasons?

2)He's obviously not attracted to me if he couldn't get hard while I'm lying in front of him with only a bra and thong on

3) Should I be worried or nervous about his 'relationship' with Sam? It intimidates me alot, what can I do to get over that?

4)Im worried that I won't be as good as her in bed, and worried that I won't meet his expectations. help!

5) Should I just stop with this guy or give it one more chance to see what happens?

help me please! and thanks for reading that while thing! you rock;)
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he didn't say anything mean about me on twitter! it was about someone else, my guess is sam. when he posted it we hadn't talked for a few days before
I need boys' advice! Can you help me?
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