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Does he want me to chase him?

Initially, we started running into each other frequently. I never started noticing him until one day I saw him and he hovered around my area even though what he was doing could have been done on his side and then when I was putting something back on table which he was on the other side of he just stopped what he was doing and glanced over for a while. I admit, we had a staring contest because I started staring him down and he caught me and did the same. I saw him a few days later and I was talking to one of my mates. He just walked by slowly, stopped, and waited until I stopped talking then glanced over and walked away. Today I saw him with another girl...but then I'm always with guys and it only seemed like a friend so I shouldn't be too bothered. Should I still pursue him? Does he want me to? I don't want to if he's taken onviously, so would it be worth the risk of trying?

Does he want me to chase him?
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