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Does he have any intentions with me?

I started hanging out with the guy whose friends with some of my friends. we hang out every other day and we've gotten pretty close over the past few weeks. he texts me everyday and we have good conversations but recently I feel like I'm starting to really like him. my friends told him and he asked me if it's true that I really like him and I told him that it's true but he didn't really say much other than that he is surprised that I'd like him but he still talks to me every day and he doesn't act weird about it, he told me that I'm different then most girls and that he thinks I'm cute and stuff but I don't see why he won't make a move. the only reason I could think of is that he's planning on going into the army in about a year but I don't see why it would stop us from trying things out.im just curious if he thinks of me as just a friend or what?
Does he have any intentions with me?
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