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Just got rejected , yet I feel good.

So , I just asked this friend of mine ( girl, college) if she wanted to be more than friends but turns out she has a boyfriend ( I thought she didn't but turns out they got together a couple weeks ago, she sent me some hints which I didn't notice)...

Awkward thing is, I actually feel pretty good for asking her ( its not like I wanted a serious relationship out of it, just something casual) and I can't quite understand why...

I think its because I never had a relationship( and I'm already 19 years old- I'm good looking, I just never had interest in having a relationship) and because I've overcome the fear of actually talking with a girl into having a more serious relationship kind of feels like an accomplishment to me...

So, am I just retarded for feeling good instead of bad?

Also, nothing really changed between us, not any kind of awkwardness and I feel like I just showed my interest in her without bringing up hatred against her
Just got rejected , yet I feel good.
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