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Why can't I get my feelings straight?

I like this guy, but I'm always too nervous to do anything about it... And then when he does something, I no longer feel like I'm longing after him, I'm happy about it, but then I don't know what to do next. Some days I feel like I really like the guy, then others I take it for granted. I think he does the same sometimes, but then when he tries to do something, it's like a weight's lifted off me, yet then I'm so sedate about the situation, I never do anything and expect him to do something. Am I being way too indecisive or passive? I know I really like the dude, and would regret it forever if I never admitted that, but when my feelings go from hot to cold like this, I wonder if I, for some reason, don't really want to date him and it makes me feel absolutely horrible. It's like, what if he's been lying to me, or I'm lying to him, or our own feelings are lying to us. It's horrible. I wish I were decisive. Please tell me what you think this is. either way, I think about this guy all the time. Thanks in advance
Why can't I get my feelings straight?
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