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Knew him since 1st grade and loved him for years..he suddenly changed?

knew him since 1st grade I hated him til 6th grade lol he walked in class after summer and looked totally diff I was in love ever since 13 and I'm 22 now

we considered each other "best friends" but there was more to it, you could feel it, we stayed on the phone for 6-8 hours ever night,even would fall sleep on the phone together but we never told each other we liked each other but we would argue like a married couple and make up within an hour or 2 everyone always said we would be perfect for each other even our close high school teachers said it lol

We lost touch after high school, for about a year we Lost numbers and didn’t no where we both moved to but so he found me on MySpace 2 years back and he was so excited and we started talking like normal again but he was more predominant in telling me what he thought about me

he started telling me I was an amazing girl, always complimenting me on random things, saying he's proud of the things I'm doing with my life, it made me feel great and in return I tell him he's a great guy and told him he's the only guy I've ever trusted in my life, it was just the most amazing feeling

he got back with his ex a few months after him finding me on myspace, he didn talk to me for a year Because his girlfriend, he stayed with her a year and broke up, than suddenly he comes back around talking to me again and being the sweetest guy in the world making me feel like I'm the best thing EVER

then suddenly not textin me back or anything for a month than he comes back into my life again, but we both work and I go to college so time isn't always available and he is on night shift so his timing is way off from mine so we don’t have a lot of time for each other but the connection is still there, but he disappears for a while he said its Because he is constantly working and tired

then he comes back around and tells me he will never find the right girl and he said "I think I know who the right girl is but it might be awkward because he doesn't want to ruin the trust we both have for each other" I jokingly said if we aren't married by 35 we should just marry each other he said "more like 25, seriously tho" and I said "ok"

We had a few convo's after that but he seemed different, more distant literally not talking to me for like 5 months after that and I wrote on my Facebook recently, saying "i miss being your friend your the only person I've ever trusted and you don't care anymore, you no who you are if your reading this, but if not I hope I find someone that's a good person and someone I can trust again I just miss you "

I didn't think we would see it and if he did see it, I thought he wouldn’t of replied but he "liked" on it and that was a surprise because he totally stopped talking to me

what is the deal? he constantly writes on his Facebook like "i want a relationship" and "why do girls only want to have sex but don't want anything else"and says he is lonely can't find a good girl

im really hurt. I even dream about him.. what is the deal?
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within these last 5 months of him not talking to me I have wrote comments on his Facebook.. texted him.. and still no reply only "likeing" my comment.. I posted that comment 3 days b4 he "liked it" meaning that it wouldn't of appeared on his news feed because of the amount of days it was on FB.. so I no that he had to of went to my page and seen it.. .. hmmm?

Knew him since 1st grade and loved him for years..he suddenly changed?
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