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How can I get her inside my van?

So there's this one girl I really like. I haven't really talked to her much but I've seen her around a lot.

She's single I'm pretty sure but sometimes it's hard to tell Because I see her talking with other guys sometimes.

Anyway, I want to make a move but I'm generally the kind of guy who keeps to himself in his basement and stuff. So I don't really know how to approach her.

Should I pretend I need help putting a sofa in the back of my van and let her go in first? Or would that come off too strong? I don't really have any other ideas besides abusing her trust in a complete stranger.

Anyway, any advice for a timid guy?
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There seems to be some miscommunication here lol.

I won't be keeping the girl in my van the whole time. There is a well in my basement that will probably come in to play eventually. Sorry for the misunderstanding :P
How can I get her inside my van?
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