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Is this normal for a relationship/dating?

i'm 19, he's 20. we're both in college.

most of what we do is him coming over for like 10 hours once a week and we kiss and attempt to watch movies and talk, and we talk on the phone about 20-30 minutes a day. I haven't been over to his house because of his grandparents (they might have a problem with it... he's white and I'm black). I'm getting tired of it, I actually want to go out or do something with him so I can get to know him more. in the beginning we did go out, but since then it's settled into this, which is partially my fault for allowing it.

and it makes me feel uncomfortable that when we are out, he kisses me in public, but won't hold my hand. or if we do, he'll unhook if he sees someone is looking. I've confronted him about it and he said he has a lot of friends at school and doesn't want to get teased for it -.- it's like yeah I understand that you've never had a girlfriend before (and I've never had a boyfriend) but, I would like to hold your hand, and he gets uncomfortable...
Is this normal for a relationship/dating?
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