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Was I too rude to him?

Had a great first date with a guy I met online, I then emailed and called him a week after, to ask if he wanted to meet again, since I hadn't heard from him. But he never replied, so I decided to move on. It was somewhat upsetting cos I did like him.

Anyway, he calls out of the blue, 2 weeks later, and asks to meet for dinner, saying he wants to explain his behavior in person. I agreed. But he cancels on the morning of the date, by text. He did apologize, and said he had a last minute meeting at work, which is fine by me.

But what annoyed me was, he didn't call to cancel, he didn't offer to reschedule or offer to call later, nothing. I just managed to get him out of my mind and now he's invaded it again. I replied just with a if you still want to explain, you can call me.

Haven't heard a thing from him, do you reckon I was too rude in my reply?
Was I too rude to him?
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