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Ignoring me...Doesn't he care anymore? You think it's just a game?

known him since 1st grade.. loved him since I was 13.. and I'm 21 now..

we used to be connected at the hip during teen years.. but lost touch for about a year or 2 do to both of us moving.. away..

during that time he got a girlfriend and had a kid... she left him and he still loves her.. she lives far away and he don't see his kid much.. she cheated..

he found me on MySpace and we talked like nothing changed.. still into each other.. he started telling me that I'm a great girl..an complimenting everything and he did it all the time.. and I loved it.. and I in return told him he was amazing and so sweet and he was the only guy I ever trusted..and we did this all the time for about a year.. it made me feel so happy that he cared..

he gave hints a lot like he liked me but wasn't sure how it would work out .. and saying he knows who "the one" for him is but he doesn't want to ruin our trust for each other..

right after telling me that in practically the one.. and saying that we should just get married at 25.. blah blah.. he soon gets a GF.. and stops talking to me.. which I kinda understand.. you no

but they break up for good only after 4 months... and after their relationship.. he totally ignore me now.. every text.. every comment.. every message..

than he calls me on my birthday out the blue and I was so happy and after that he starts ignoring me again..

im so damn confused... he is bipolar or somethin!

I wrote on my FB I said "u no who you are if your reading this.. but ill never say it to your face Because you no how I am.. but I really miss you and I don't no what happened but you act like you don't care anymore.. but I guess times change.. you were the only guy I ever trusted and you are gone..i hope I find someone that is real with a good heart again Because most people I no are shady"

and he never replies to my messages or anything so I figured if he seen that.. he wouldn't comment anyway.. but he "liked" on it and that's it...

whats his deal.. does he just not care anymore? we know each other so well but he confuses me so damn bad.. its all messed up?

do you think he is over it? or playing a game or what.. and I no he isn't seeing anyone because he writes on his wall that he want to find a good girl and cant.. what's up with him?

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should I give up after all we been through? I love this kid.. an its hard.. does he not care anymore.. what do you think..
Ignoring me...Doesn't he care anymore? You think it's just a game?
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