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Is she playing hard to get?

I am recently separated from wife; however, we are still legally married. Although I wasn't looking, I did meet a cute girl and we have been getting to know each other. I feel I have her figured out but she is playing such an enticing game of hard to get that every once in a while I find myself questioning what her interpretation is.

When I first met her she had said she would go to Austin (were from Dallas) on the weekends to visit her family. I didn't think much of it at the time because I was at the tail end of my marriage but was still willing to try and make it work. Later a mutual friend had mentioned she broke up with her boyfriend in Austin and has not went to "visit her family" there ever since and this was months ago. So right off the bat I was wondering why she wouldn't tell me she had a boyfriend.

The incident with her boyfriend and her body language immediately led me to believe she was attracted to me. She is always playing with her hair, she lights up when she sees me, and when we first started to see each other at the bar she would leave her friends and focus on me the entire night.

At this point I wasn't attracted to her as I was still trying to work things out with my wife. Then my wife left and that night I went to the bar and ran into this new girl. She was asking about what my wife thinks about me being out and since I was a little drunk I told her about my wife's leaving earlier. Eventually after talking she gave me her number and was going to come to my house for an after party but got sick.

We began talking daily and she has never mentioned any other guys to me, says I'm the only guy she talks to, and I have made it clear from my end that I'm not looking to be in the friend zone.

She's came to my house a few times and recently she stayed over night and in the morning we kissed a couple of times. It was not a long kiss but it was no peck on the cheek. It was a brief I want you to take me french kiss. However, she feels awkward about my recent separation and does not want to ruin a relationship so headed out as she had to get going anyway.

Nothing changed between us and our daily texting and flirting has continued. It is not awkward and she has came back to my place since then and although there was nothing physical other than grazing one another and touching during conversation.

She's assures me she wouldn't have been so "good" and stopped our kissing if I weren't recently separated.

She has canceled our plans the last two nights and I acted as if it was not a big deal and said I might be able to meet up the following weekend. She felt bad for canceling (they were legitimate excuses) and wants to come over tomorrow night and has promised not to break plans.

I really do not feel I am in the friend zone at all but I may be wrong. I like the chase and I think she is playing hard to get because she fears she would look bad being with a married man.

Any of you ladies know what she's thinking?
Is she playing hard to get?
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