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Whats going on? Does he care at all? Is he confused?


I m a 19 year old girl from Mumbai, India.

The story is a little complicated.

There's this guy I became friends with 2 and a half years ago.. and we really hit it off.

I looked at him more like a brother than anything else.

We had a fall out in the middle because my friends had some serious issues with a guy I began to date.

But after my break up Ronak ( the guy in question ) and I started becoming closer as friends.

In mid-July he mentioned that he wanted to meet me.. I said I couldn't make it and asked him to go ahead with the others..

He said he had only asked me. Which is weird because we have a lot of common friends and he has other people he's closer to.

I didn't think much of it then.

A few days later, at a party, Ronak got extremely drunk... I was slightly high.. And I was crying about my ex.. when he kissed me lightly a few times on my cheek and a quick peck on the lips.

The next day however he didn't remember this happened.

He told me that he doesn't know how this happened because all these things matter to him and he doesn't take it lightly.

Things became awkward for a month and a half. But then I realized I liked him. And I told him via a text.

He was replying almost instantly before the text but on receiving the text it took him 8 HOURS to reply saying " I got the text. don't worry " . And tht was that.

After that slowly things became normal. And I thought both of us have forgotten everything. ( I even told him I probably got confused and didn't like him )

But yesterday..

After an exam in college, he met me .. but didn't really speak to me.

I saw him looking at me several times across the room... like when he looked up he knew exactly where I was standing.. But when he looked at me there was no sign of recognition on his face. No smile nothing. It was as if HE didn't KNOW he was looking at me.

This is so weird because I thought things were okay.

Whats going on?

Please help. he's a good friend and I don't wanna lose him :/
Whats going on? Does he care at all? Is he confused?
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