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Should I tell her how I feel?

me and this girl are both 17 in high school and we are about to go on a 1.5 month winter break. I really like her and there's a good chance she likes me. I know she doesn't want to rush into anything so she has gone slow with it, but what should I do before we go to break? should I tell her how I feel or should I just ask if she wants to meet up during the break?

like if there is someone you like and you only saw them maybe one time during a 1.5 month span would you lose interest in them? if so it would seem I have to make a move, but at the same time she might not be ready.

or instead of going all out saying I like her should I just do something like put my arm around her shoulder as we are about to say bye for the break and say I'm gonna miss her so we need to meet up over break? that kinda says I like her without saying it directly.

whats the best idea?
Should I tell her how I feel?
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