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How do I score a date from her?

I met this beautiful girl at the party yesterday. After playing couple of drinking games, we sat in a sofa, grabbed hands together and talked about our future goals as a dentist and a doctor and hobbies and etc. Though coming from different backgrounds, and we had different hobbies, we had some common in future dream. We also went to same school too and just graduated.

I tried to kiss her but she said "I don't kiss on the first date." and she allowed me to kiss her cheek as we continued our talk. She was staying at her friend's place for couple of days and lives 3.5 hours away from my town (where our school is located) She was a sorority girl and the president of predental student club as well. a very driven, leader type, sporty girl who rides horses and does fishing and swimming.

Before she was leaving, we talked about how we are going to set up next date. I talked about taking her to restaurants, and she talked about teaching her how to play tennis. She also said that though she lives 3.5 hours away, she would be able to visit often and told me to text her. Then we exchanged our cheek kissing.

so today, knowing that a lot of good signs were coming from her, I texted her. She responded immediately. after exchanging some random conversation, I wrote "Hey, I had a great night with you. I cannot wait to do it again." Then I sent "do you want to hang out today or tomorrow?"

Then she replied "Yea I had fun too I don't know what my plans are for tonight but I will let you know later when I figure them out."

However, it has been 6 hours and she is not letting me know. Thinking that I should let her know more about me, at 3 pm, I made a friend request through fb, and she immeidately approved. Also, she did say that I should friend request her during our conversation.

hmm, I feel that if I don't score date with her this wknd, I won't be able to reach her since she lives far away. But I also feel that the ball is at her court now. What should I do? I don't lose anything anyway, so if she doesn't respond until tomorrow 10 am, should I text her tomorrow morning and ask her to hang out(teaching tennis) after my work(from 11 am to 3 pm) then have a dinner? What do you think?

How do I score a date from her?
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