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Sweetest thing anyone's every said to you?

Obviously it depends on the person saying it..

Something said by my boyfriend, for example, may be sweet but if a colleague said it it would be weird. And vice versa.

Plus, I hope it'll make everyone smile to read these things!

(1) Boyfriend: Why do you always call me an idiot when I call you beautiful?

Me: Cos you'd have to be an idiot to think that.

Him: You really don't believe it?

Me: No. Not at all.

Him: Then you're the idiot.

(2) Cheesy, but he doesn't normally say these sort of things and I couldn't stop smiling!

Me: See you Tuesday.

Him: I'll be counting the hours.

(3) And another cheesy one over text :) And I'll point out now, I hate football.. We frequently purposefully annoy each other, as you do!

Him: Did you catch the football?

Me: Damn, I missed it..

Him: Not as much as I've missed you
Sweetest thing anyone's every said to you?
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