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How do I get him to notice me more?

I have a circle of friends I hang out with almost daily, there is 17 of us in total but most of us are there daily, sometimes not. I wouldn't say all of us are close with each other cause some are friends of friends so we each have the few in the circle who we have bonded with.

I'm friends with most of the 17 but I'm close with about 3-5 of them. But there is a guy in the group I've spoken to occasionally the past couple of years I've known him and we seemed to be hitting it off for a bit but he is really close to some of the guys in the group and seems to prefer hanging out talking with them 99% of the the time.

The past few months I've been trying my darnedest to get closer to him but it seems like he doesn't know how to relate to me. He's a very talkative guy but every time we do talk no matter what I say he doesn't seem as responsive unless I talk to him about guy things like sports. But yet I see him talk to males/females about other things but he never seems to want to talk about those subjects with me.

So at some point I figured maybe I'm boring or he just doesn't like me or whatever the reason is but whenever I'm not at the get togethers my friend says he asks her where I am sometimes.

So I don't understand. If I try and talk to him all he wants to do is talk about certain subjects with me but will talk with everyone about all subjects...or sometimes he won't even acknowledge I'm there.

Its obvious that he cares enough to ask people where I am but I'm finding it hard to talk to him enough to where I can flirt with him. He's a really sweet and down to earth guy and I want to get to know him but I have bad luck I think.

How can I get him to think of me as a priority in his life like his male/female friends are?
How do I get him to notice me more?
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