Why do people let rejection destroy them?

I've heard it a billion times on here ' oh girls should approach me because I'm scared of rejection"

" rejection sucks"

" I've been rejected x many times,"

Oh woest me.

Come on people really? Rejection is a fact of life, it happens in other aspects other than dating as well. Sometimes you don't get the job you want, sometimes you don't get your credit for something you've worked on - rejection rejection rejection.

It just happens.

Does it suck? Hell yea it does. I've been rejected by guys before, dudes I really liked. One guy pretty much told me I was ugly to my face.

Did it hurt? f*** yea - but I'm not going to use that as an excuse, not going to let that hold me back from potentially going out to find a partner.

It's like falling down; you can sit there and cry about the scrape on your knee, or you can get up and get a band aid.

Life WILL knock you down eventually, you CAN'T win all the time, the world is CRUEL sometimes. Understand that - everyone deals with it.

Stop letting rejection interfere with what could be your potential happiness in a relationship. That's a terrible excuse to just give up...
Why do people let rejection destroy them?
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